Strategic Management

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An introduction to the challenge of managing in complex contemporary environments, with special emphasis on the music and entertainment industry. The course is integrative, reflective of the breadth of issues that underlies the overall Berklee Music Business/Management curriculum. Its student team-based and experientially focused emphasis is designed to promote awareness of real-world business developments and develop practical skills as well as fundamental strategic planning and performance management knowledge and abilities. The intellectual core of the course will emphasize a holistic and strategic inquiry of the driving forces of competitive markets, the importance of history, the complexity of resource allocation under uncertainty, and the need to develop client/business-specific capabilities that are flexible and responsive to changing situations. Considerable time will be devoted to the study and analysis of companies and the utilization of project based activities, which may include actual client-initiated practice.

LSOC-225 and MB-301
Required Of
Electable By
MBUS majors
Major Elective for
Music Business
Semesters Offered
Spring Only
Course Chair
Tonya Butler
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