Record Production Capstone

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In this capstone class, ongoing music production projects will be reviewed and discussed at every stage during the planning and production of fully professional, commercially-competitive recordings utilizing a personal music production toolkit. Aesthetic topics include: balancing a record’s sonic form with its commercial function in the marketplace; song analysis; performance gestures; vocal sounds and singing technique; and development of impactful arrangements. Practical topics include: budgeting time and materials; technical and interpersonal problem-solving; and transitioning from student to professional life. Additional discussion includes the entrepreneurial importance of website design, photos, videos, and live performance. Best practices in professional file labeling, backup and storage, credit tracking, metadata and delivery will be emphasized throughout the course. This course will prepare students to integrate their skills, knowledge, and talents with the professional record-making community.

IR-326 and IR-331
Required Of
IRPD majors
Electable By
IRPD majors
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Rob Jaczko
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