Danilo Perez Global Jazz Graduate Workshop

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An advanced creative and interconnective lab for graduate students in the Master of Music in Contemporary Performance (Global Jazz) program that will meet for five three-hour sessions per semester. The meetings will be scheduled at the beginning of each semester by the instructor.  

In this workshop the students approach mind-opening ideas and musical concepts that redefine the role of a musician in 21st century. This course treats jazz not just as a genre but as a creative art form rooted in Africa. Students will be able to understand the connections of the rhythmic aspect of jazz on a global sphere, leading to find their own voice in a context of globalism. The course will shed light on new harmonic possibilities that include contemporary and original methods on tetrachords, dark and light harmony, and connections with ancient music. In addition the students will transcribe their own speech and voice to add it to their own music vocabulary and improvisation. They will also use film, speech, and dance to accompany the music for an interconnective learning experience.

Required Of
CPGJ graduate students
Electable By
CPGJ graduate students
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Marco Pignataro
Taught By
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