Dramatic Scoring 1

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This course combines analysis and composition techniques in order to provide students with the basic musical skills necessary for composing music for film. Focus is placed on how musical form derives from the dramatic flow of the film. Course work includes in-depth analysis of existing musical examples which demonstrate the building blocks of composition. These building blocks include melody, harmony, rhythm, and form as applied to specific dramatic situations. Students will compose several short original pieces modeled after the various analysis examples presented. This course is the first of a sequence of three core composition courses in the film scoring major.

FS-221, HR-212, CM-221, CM-231, CP-215, and ISKB-212 (non-piano principals); either COND-211, COND-221, or COND-216; either ET-212 or ET-232; FS-241 must be taken concurrently with FS-203
Required Of
FILM majors
Electable By
FILM majors
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Sean McMahon
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