Dramatic Scoring 1

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This course continues a focus on the analysis and composition techniques necessary for composing music for film. Connections between musical form and the composer's role in working to partner with the dramatic flow of film are principal in this course. Course work includes continued in-depth analysis of existing musical examples which demonstrate the role of music composition as a storytelling device. Building on concepts from FILM-240 composers will apply melody, harmony, rhythm, and form to specific dramatic situations. Students will compose several short original pieces. In-class discussions and peer review of works in progress will take place throughout the semester.

FILM-200, CP-215, SCRN-202, SCRN-240, and ISKB-212 (non-piano principals); either COND-211, COND-221, or COND-216; either ET-212 or ET-232; FILM-207 must be taken concurrently with FILM-205
Required Of
FILM majors
Electable By
FILM and GAIM majors
Major Elective for
Game and Interactive Media Scoring
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring, Summer
Course Chair
Sean McMahon
Taught By
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