Solo Piano Improvisations of Keith Jarrett

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This is a course for piano principals in which the live solo piano improvisations of Keith Jarrett are studied in detail. Studies include listening and analyzing live recordings such as: The Koln Concert, The Sun Bear Concerts, The Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne, and La Scala and their corresponding transcriptions. In addition, students are required to transcribe performances and provide detailed analyses of their transcriptions and of Jarrett’s improvisational techniques and musical influences, including classical, blues, pop, jazz, and avant-garde styles or genres. An underlying goal of this work is to help students find their own voices. By listening to and analyzing Keith Jarrett’s live improvised solo piano concerts, students not only learn the style of his music, but they also have the chance to reflect on their own musical backgrounds, discovering their own sound and voice in the process. Jarrett’s music serves as a role model for students’ musical and life journey.

Overall ensemble rating 3
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All B.M. and P.D. students
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
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