Dance Styles for Singers

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This course focuses on development and execution of dance and movement skills as they relate to vocal performance. It is an introductory level course meant to expose musicians to a wide variety of movement styles used for stage and video performance. During the semester, students participate in physical conditioning to improve strength and flexibility, practice applicable dance techniques rooted in jazz, musical theater, popular, and social dance, and learn and create multiple pieces of choreography in order to improve dance and performance ability and confidence on stage, in rehearsals, and at auditions. Outside of class, students are required to practice conditioning exercises and choreography, research dance styles and history, and keep a journal of practice time and reflections. The course requires physical commitment and focus. Students are evaluated through weekly class participation; memorization, performance, and creation of choreography; demonstrated outside practice; a graded midterm and final project; and through discussion, presentations, and practice/reflection journal. There is a strong focus on using dance as a method of enhancing—not distracting from—vocal performance. Students will gain a better understanding of how dance and choreography create and bring performances to life.

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Fall, Spring, Summer
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Anne Peckham
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