Sound Design and Control for Live Events

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Sound Design and Control is an innovative 15-week course designed for students who wish to delve deeper into the creative art of sound design and are excited to deliver rich, cohesive and immersive experiences through live show control technology. Structured around hands-on projects, the curriculum guides the student through a series of lectures and exercises that first explore the history of found sounds and early electro-acoustic sound manipulation, then examines sampling through the use of the modern DAW, and finally, the creation and playback of three-dimensional soundscapes and music through Ableton Live and Qlab. This course culminates with a project that delivers an immersive, sequenced soundscape and live performance, integrating all show aspects including audio, video and lighting. Throughout the semester, emphasis is placed on storytelling and the complex and nuanced impact sound imparts on the live performance narrative. This program strives to develop not only technical skills, but also creativity with a strong emphasis on teamwork, ensuring an outcome that successfully blends cutting-edge technology with artistic expression in the realm of live performance. 

Required Of
CMLM graduate students
Electable By
CMLM graduate students
Semesters Offered
New York City
Course Chair
Daniel Pembroke
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