Project Management 2

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This 15-week master-level Project Management 2 course is designed to fuse advanced project management principles with cutting-edge design thinking methodologies, specifically tailored for professionals aiming to lead in the live production industry. Beginning with the critical path method for effective scheduling and time management, the program swiftly transitions into exploring diverse leadership styles and team dynamics, enhanced by insights from seasoned industry experts. Central to the curriculum is the integration of design thinking into creative problem-solving and innovation in live production design, encouraging students to apply these approaches in interactive workshops and collaborative projects. The course also tackles the complexities of managing large-scale live productions, emphasizing crisis management, contingency planning, and stakeholder negotiations through practical exercises like role-play and case studies. Concluding with a forward-looking segment on emerging trends in technology and project management, facilitated by panel discussions with industry leaders, the program is crafted to cultivate innovative thinkers and leaders who are well-equipped to navigate and shape the future of live production with strategic and creative excellence.

Required Of
CMLM students
Electable By
CMLM students
Semesters Offered
New York City
Course Chair
Daniel Pembroke
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