EDM Production, Techniques, and Applications

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Students enrolled in this class master the cultural, technical, and compositional origins of electronic dance music by analyzing and creating music in a wide variety of dance music styles and then applying these new techniques to the musical styles that the individual student is most passionate about. 

Fundamental to electronic dance music creation is a deep exploration of timbre through the use of digital audio workstations, effects, synthesizers, and samplers. This embrace of sonic exploration has enabled dance music to be an experimental space for new sounds that eventually move to pop and musical theater. Each dance music style has a unique cultural origin which is explored, recognized, and carefully considered in the application of these techniques and sounds into other styles. 

By splitting the class experiences between deep technical lessons using industry standard tools, studying the stories of the people behind the music and the application of those techniques into a wide variety of contemporary styles, students are prepared to innovate in the contemporary music styles of their choice.

Required Of
Electable By
CMAT graduate students
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
New York City
Course Chair
Arjun Roy
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