Sponsors, Brands, and Strategic Partnerships in Live Events

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In this course, students will be introduced to the business fundamentals of strategic alliances between artists and brands with a special focus on live events. The course will provide a comprehensive look at the role music plays in establishing and strengthening meaningful connections between consumers and brands, how to measure the success of a strategic partnership using metrics, and how to leverage new partnerships with consideration of the cultural and social trends of the consumer market. Students will learn the differences between endorsements, sponsorships, and cross-promotions as they relate to the music industry. Specific course topics include tour partnerships, live event activations and fan engagement, VIP experiences, social media campaigns, brand ambassador programs, public relations campaigns, exclusive content and unique promotions, and corporate performances. The course will also address when an emerging artist may be ready for a brand partnership and if an artist is prepared for what brands may require. 

Students will be required to write a case study on an existing brand partnership identifying measurable outcomes such as KPIs (key performance indicators), ROI (return on investment), and other data. The course is designed to expand students’ knowledge of strategic partnerships and to prepare students for entry into the music industry as a performer or business professional.

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Music Business
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Fall, Spring
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Tonya Butler
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