Tour Personnel

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This course provides a comprehensive look at the principal functions of the key players of the live music and entertainment sector, as well as how they interact within the live ecosystem. Particular emphasis is placed on touring management, road crews, music agents, promoters, and artist managers. Other key players covered include business managers, tour accountants, sub-contractors, ticket agencies, venues, and unions. Students also learn about the federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations applicable to the production of concerts and tours; the primary contracts within the live music sector; as well as the key accounting principles within touring. This course is designed to expand students’ fundamental knowledge of the live music business and to prepare them for successful entry into the live music industry as a performer or business professional. Through interviews with industry professionals, students will benefit from first-hand accounts on best practices, current trends, and terminology, and will be given the opportunity to start building their network within the live music and entertainment sector.

BPMI-101; and MB-101 or MB-211
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Music Business
Semesters Offered
Fall, Spring
Course Chair
Tonya Butler
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