Boston Redevelopment Authority Task Force

Berklee has grown significantly over the last decade and needs to increase its campus space simply to meet the needs of current enrollment, now capped at 4,000 students. College officials, neighbors, and the City of Boston agree that Berklee should strive to house about half its students, and accomplishing this will require accommodations for an additional 1,200 people. We need to double the size of our 600,000-square-foot campus over the next decade to reach this target.

Boston real estate, particularly near our existing campus, is in great demand. The creation of a Campus Master Plan, and engagement with a community-based Berklee Task Force led by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, has begun. This section includes materials created for, and by, the task force and the college, providing some context for the discussions. We hope you will find the information useful.

A Welcome From Berklee President Roger H. Brown

To: The Berklee Task Force

President Roger H. Brown

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to the Boston Redevelopment Authority, other governmental officials, and our neighborhood groups for their efforts to work with us to shape our plans to meet Berklee's campus needs. Berklee will continue to contribute to the cultural richness of our community and neighborhood as we make progress to upgrade our campus. We value our harmonious relationship with the neighborhood groups as an important component that helps make Berklee the best contemporary music school in the world.

We appreciate the professionalism of the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the interest that our community has shown us. We look forward to working with the task force and others in the period ahead to enrich the public realm of our surrounding areas.

I expect this website will aid in the communication process.

Roger Brown
Berklee College of Music

Berklee Submits Institutional Master Plan (IMP) and Project Notification Form (PNF)

Berklee is pleased to announce the filing of its IMP as well as the PNF for 168 Massachusetts Avenue with the Boston Redevelopment Authority on Friday, February 18, 2011. The IMP represents the culmination of a five-year process including 25 meetings with the Berklee Task Force.

Berklee Submits Institutional Master Plan Notification Form

Berklee College of Music is pleased to provide this Institutional Master Plan Notification Form (IMPNF) as a framework for its campus planning initiatives and development strategies during approximately the next ten years. Find out more information and download the IMPNF.

About the BRA's Berklee Community Task Force

The BRA considers active community engagement a vital part of the planning and review process and encourages public participation throughout. Accordingly, the BRA has created a task force to serve as an advisory body to both Berklee and the BRA. The task force will serve as a body to represent the varied perspectives of its members and provide input into the planning process and proposed development projects. Members include neighborhood residents, business leaders, designees of community organizations in the area, and other interested parties and stakeholders, most of whom were nominated by elected officials.

About Institutional Master Plans

An Institutional Master Plan (IMP) is a comprehensive development plan for medical and academic institutions. IMPs describe institutions' existing facilities, long-range planning goals, and proposed projects over a ten-year period. Article 80 of the Boston Zoning Code requires the approval of an IMP as part of the approval of a hospital or academic institution project and governs the review process of both the IMP and any proposed projects. The institution must update and renew its IMP every two years and must amend it whenever it adds or changes any project over a minimum threshold.