Featured Student: Hongli Peng

“I come from Guiyang in China. Being the only musician in my family, I began playing the bass during my senior year in high school, mainly because the guitar was too small for me. Having always been interested in music, I developed a passion for the bass guitar during my final years of high school. Previously, I spent three years playing the saxophone.”

“In 2012, I left my hometown and arrived in California to attend the Musicians Institute (MI). I studied at MI for two years before making the decision to go to Berklee. This leads to the reason of why I went to Berklee. Berklee's contemporary view on music has redefined the music world…and has always inspired me to strive forward with new creativity. I want to learn from others at Berklee and experience the many different opportunities given to me.”

“During my time at Berklee thus far, I feel that the people that I have met and the things I have learned from them have been some of my most rewarding experiences. I see myself being a professional session player who will continue composing and collaborating with musicians from all around the world.”

Watch Hongli Peng perform with the HR Project in this video: