Accepted Students Events

Celebrate with Your New Berklee Family

Congratulations on your acceptance to Berklee. Every year, we line up an incredible series of events hosted by leaders in our community. You will hear from faculty, staff, students, and alumni about what it’s like to study with us. 

We will schedule events throughout the year for our recently accepted students, so please continue to check this page and check out the webinar recordings below. 


Watch Past Events

Watch the below webinars from 2020 to familiarize yourself with our leaders and what the Entering Student Placement Assessment (ESPA) entails. We will continue to add new videos to this page as they become available. 

First Semester Webinar: How to Prepare

In this webinar recording, members of Berklee’s community will teach you how to prepare for the Entering Student Placement Assessment (ESPA), gain an understanding of how we create your first-semester schedule, and meet with your instrumental department chairs.

Meet Women Leaders at Berklee

In this webinar recording, Damien Bracken, dean of Admissions, welcomes Darla Hanley, dean of Professional Education, to lead a discussion among women leaders at Berklee.

What to Expect in Your Entering Student Placement Assessment (ESPA)

Watch this webinar recording to learn about the ESPA from the chairs of the Ear Training and Harmony departments. They’ll explain how the ESPA is used to place you in your first-semester courses and take you through each part of the online assessment.

April Welcome Event 

Watch this recording of a live accepted student event that took place in the Berklee Performance Center in July 2021. After a year of isolation and virtual gatherings, the newly admitted entering class of fall (September) 2021 was able to get together in person to celebrate their acceptance. This event was designed to help students network with their peers and learn more about what to expect in their first year at Berklee.

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