Berklee-Spelman Exchange Program

The mission of the Berklee-Spelman exchange program is to promote educational opportunities in music and liberal arts to female-identifying students of African descent. The study of music is enhanced by understanding its sociocultural and historical context in addition to performance, composition, and theory. Berklee students will have the opportunity at Spelman to participate in the rich tradition of an HBCU while taking courses in the liberal arts and participating in its musical ensembles. Spelman students will be able to take advantage of Berkleeā€™s offerings in musical performance, production, and composition in a wide array of African and Afro-diasporic styles and genres.

Entrance Requirements

This program is limited to one upper-semester student per institution per semester and participation is by invitation only. Please contact founding director Tia Fuller for more information.


Students will pay tuition to their home institutions, following the standard payment and financial aid procedures. Housing will be provided for each student while at the visiting institution.

Curriculum and Courses

Students will work closely with their advisors at both institutions to build an appropriate course schedule. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring that any necessary progress toward degree completion is not inhibited. Berklee students attending Spelman can continue their studies in performance and theory while taking advantage of a wide variety of liberal arts courses. Spelman students can take advantage of courses in performance, ensembles, production, music business, and more.