PODCAST: Mals Totem

The five members of Mals Totem say it's best to play their music loud...very loud.

June 4, 2013

Fans of Mals Totem compare the band to Radiohead and the Mars Volta. Its members—four are recent Berklee graduates and one is a current student—bring influences that range from metal to jazz to the group, resulting in a genre-blending sound that is garnering legions of listeners.

The group recently recorded a new tune, “Gargantuan,” that was produced by Berklee faculty member Susan Rogers (Prince, Barenaked Ladies) and engineered by George Massenburg (Earth, Wind & Fire, James Taylor). Mals Totem features vocalist Dave Vives, bassist Ronnie Lanzilotta, drummer Angelo Spampinato, and guitarists Asher Kurtz and Michael Lostica. The group will give a free concert in Cambridge’s Kendall Square as part of the Berklee Summer in the City series.

Mals Totem