PODCAST: Esther Rojas

Esther Rojas, a fifth-semester CWP major, talks about working with stars at the Latin Grammys and jamming at the Monterey Jazz Festival. 

June 2, 2014

Esther Rojas left a successful career as a performer in Colombia to come to Berklee in 2012. An established bassist who gigged with national acts like María Mulata, Rojas was playing in eight groups and had plenty of work. But she felt stuck and wanted to pursue a different path. 

She's now a fifth-semester student in the contemporary writing and production program at Berklee. Though her ultimate goal is to compose, arrange, and produce, Rojas remains incredibly active as a performer.

Last fall she helped put together a live Latin Grammys performance featuring 30 Berklee students and Spanish star Alejandro Sanz, and in the spring she appeared at the Monterey Jazz Festival with her band, Latimbop. Recently, she sat down with Berklee to talk about these experiences.

Producer: Kimberly Ashton
Engineer: Ryan Walsh
Recorded at the BIRN Studios

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