Five Berklee Women Pushing the Limits of Electronic Performance

From live loop alchemists to synth mavens, here are five women artists carving out new sonic territory.

July 19, 2018

Erin Barra

Billed as a "creative Swiss Army knife," Erin Barra is an associate professor of songwriting at Berklee, the founding director of Beats by Girlz, and a leading advocate for women in music technology. A product specialist for Ableton Live, Barra uses the Push as her instrument of choice on stage and in the studio.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Inspired by electronic music pioneer, Berklee visiting scholar, and fellow Buchla synth devotee Suzanne Ciani, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith B.M. ’08 sculpts her lush and otherworldly music by blending analog and modular synths with organic instrumentation.

Paris Strother (We Are King)

As one-third of the Grammy-nominated electro-soul trio We Are King, Paris Strother ’08, with twin sister Amber Strother and fellow Berklee alumna Anita Bias ’07, works with an array of synths, both vintage and new, as well as analog drum machines. The result: a unique brand of retro-futurism.


Trinidad-born singer and producer TRISHES (Trish Hosein B.M. ’11) builds her songs piece by piece and loop by loop, layering keyboards, vocal harmonies, and beat-boxing to create a dynamic one-woman show.

Anna Wise

A creative force best known for her Grammy-winning work with Kendrick Lamar, Anna Wise ’10 has been making waves both as a solo artist and with her duo, Sonnymoon. She expertly uses a loop station, effects pedals, and other digital tools to amplify her performances.