7 Haviland: A New Building on Campus

With the opening of 7 Haviland Street, Berklee gains some much-needed space.
March 19, 2010

Berklee neighbors joined the college community on February 25 to welcome the newest building on campus at 7 Haviland Street. Home to three of the Professional Education Division's five departments—Liberal Arts, Music Business/Management, and Music Therapy—the building adds much-needed space to the college.

With fanfare, food, the generous words of college and local officials, and of course music, the building—which had been open since after the winter break—was ceremoniously ushered into the campus community to a packed audience.

Adorned with bright colors, the unique and hip space has an industrial feel, in step with Berklee's cutting-edge sensibility. The building also houses the Berklee Writing Center, Berklee's English as a Second Language Program, an Africana Studies Room, conference and seminar rooms, and a café.

"On a campus where space is so desperately needed, we're fortunate to be able to expand and enhance the Professional Education Division. It will allow us to showcase the division," Darla Hanley, dean of the Professional Education Division, has said about the space. "The building will change how we teach, how students learn, and how the faculty interact."