Discover Berklee (1998)

Discover Berklee (1998)

Discover Berklee is a 1998 collection of Berklee student recordings and compositions. In the CD's liner notes, Executive Producer of the CD and Berklee Executive Vice President Gary Burton provided additional background on the disc:

"With approximately 3,000 music students from over 75 countries in attendance, Berklee offers a unique opportunity to study and perform music from all corners of the globe with many of the world's most talented and accomplished musicians.

It would be an impossibly difficult task to adequately convey the breadth and depth of the musical experience and talent available at Berklee. And so, deciding on the cuts for "Discover" was no easy task. The music ranges from r&b/funk to big band jazz to contemporary classical, and the students hail from all over the world. But no matter what the style of music or country of origin, each selection represents the level of artistry and talent that is everywhere present at the college."

Executive Producer: Gary Burton

All tracks on Discover Berklee were produced and engineered by Berklee students.