Meeting with an academic advisor gives you the opportunity to learn more about the resources and possibilities available to you as a Berklee student. Advisors are also available to discuss academic struggles and help you come up with solutions.

Schedule an Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with your assigned academic advisor. Appointments are generally 30 minutes and 15 minutes during registration. Advisors are available for in-person and Zoom appointments.  

Academic Advising Drop-Ins

You can meet with an academic advisor during a 10-minute drop-in session to discuss quick academic topics. An academic advisor is available on a first-come, first-served basis during our daily drop-in hours. 

Advising Topics

We can help you with the following topics (login required):

For academic topics and questions that are specific to a major, we recommend contacting the department for your major. You can find their contact information by selecting your department.

Academic advising is a collaborative relationship between you and your academic advisor that fosters success at Berklee and in life. 

We are a resource to help ensure your academic success during your time at Berklee. As higher education professionals, we pride ourselves on seeing you succeed at Berklee and beyond. Our goal is to support you as you strive to complete your academic goals by providing advising sessions, drop-ins, workshops, and much more. To accomplish our mission, we work as a team to make sure students are seen, heard, and supported.