Students and Faculty Honored at 44th Annual DownBeat Student Music Awards

Six student ensembles were recognized with DownBeat Student Music Awards across various categories.

June 16, 2021

DownBeat magazine recognized six Berklee College of Music ensembles with Student Music Awards across a wide variety of categories, including three awards in the Asynchronous Large Vocal Jazz Ensemble category. Ned Rosenblatt, associate professor in the Voice Department, directed four of the winning vocal jazz ensembles, and Professor Greg Hopkins directed the winning large jazz ensemble. Students Grant Heineman and Annie Dickinson codirected Point of Departure Vocal Jazz, winner in the Large Vocal Jazz Ensemble category for outstanding undergraduate performances. 

“Seeing DownBeat acknowledge the tremendous work of our student ensembles and groups is a wonderful feeling,” said Rosenblatt. “I am so proud of the students for continuing to present award-winning work through a partially remote school year in a pandemic, and I extend my gratitude to DownBeat for their accolades.”

Asynchronous Large Jazz Ensemble

Undergraduate College Winner

Makoto Ishizaka Jazz Orchestra

  • Director: Greg Hopkins

Asynchronous Small Vocal Jazz Group

Undergraduate College Winner

Advanced Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • Outstanding Soloist: Avery Schmalz on “As We Live and Breathe”
  • Director: Ned Rosenblatt

Large Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Undergraduate College Outstanding Performances

Point of Departure Vocal Jazz

  • Student Directors: Grant Heineman and Annie Dickinson
  • Outstanding Soloist: Lila Sabbah on “Hideaway”

Asynchronous Large Vocal Jazz Ensemble

Undergraduate College Winners

Vocal Jazz Ensemble 1

  • Director: Ned Rosenblatt
  • Outstanding Soloist: Dominic Nye on “But Not for Me”

Vocal Jazz Ensemble

  • Director: Ned Rosenblatt

Undergraduate College Outstanding Performance

Vocal Jazz Ensemble 3

  • Director: Ned Rosenblatt