Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology: Writing and Design for Musical Theater

The Master of Arts Degree

BerkleeNYC’s Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology program offers a forward-looking curriculum designed to teach students the tools and strategies needed to thrive in artistic fields that have seen significant disruption, and will continue to change and evolve at a rapid pace.

The core curriculum of this program provides students with foundational knowledge for their careers that address both the business and creative sides of the performing arts.

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Specializing in Writing and Design for Musical Theater


The writing and design for musical theater specialization will equip students with theory and experience in the collaborative art of musical theater. Using traditional and contemporary methods, students will conduct intensive study of storytelling. Through the use of time and place, look and feel, and sound and milieu, students will acquire skills in character development, songwriting, cast-recording production, book writing, and theatrical visual environment conception.

Students will learn current industry-standard practices while continuing to explore their own artistic identity in a challenging and experiential environment. Working with the latest and best technologies on site, students will gain real-world insight from active professionals in the field while working towards creating and executing artistic works. Gaining first-hand experience in demo recording in the same studios where many Broadway cast albums are made, students will acquire a set of strategies to create and promote new work in the theater world of Broadway and beyond.

Entrance Requirements

We seek a varied group of motivated, creative, and focused candidates with solid academic and professional backgrounds who can contribute a diversity of experience, insight, and skills that will benefit and elevate the program.

Ideal candidates want to:

  • develop their creative voices and artistic persona;
  • integrate collaborative skills to aid in the furthering of the art form;
  • affect change and lead the craft into the future, with diverse and bold creative voices; and
  • gain an understanding of modern practices in musical theater.

Ideal candidates should demonstrate:

  • current creative activity;
  • prior academic success;
  • an understanding of basic practices and trends in the current musical theater world; and
  • motivation and focus towards advancing their career and adding their artistic voice to the expression of the medium.
Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the writing and production for musical theater specialization, students will:

  • develop production, staging, and collaborative techniques applicable to musical theater and beyond;
  • demonstrate mastery of composition and writing techniques;
  • develop technical expertise across necessary software and hardware, as applied to current creative workflows;
  • devise new approaches to the look and feel of their productions;
  • integrate diverse views and experiences into their artistic creations;
  • generate artistic content at a high level of technical proficiency and at an objectively professional standard; and
  • lead with a spirit of creative entrepreneurship to sustain a career in the arts that is adaptable, is ethically sound, and creates change.
Curriculum and Courses

The Master of Arts in Creative Media and Technology program is designed to be completed in one full academic year: consecutive fall, spring, and summer semesters. Students take a total of 30 credits (15 credits of core courses and 15 credits of specialization courses) with an additional optional 1-credit internship upon completion of the program.

First Semester (Fall)

  • CMAT-510: Design Thinking and Methodologies for the Creative Arts (3 credits; core class)

  • CMAT-515: Entrepreneurship and Business Practices in the Creative Space (3 credits; core class)

  • CMAT-511: Developing Story and Narrative (3 credits)

  • CMAT-521: Songwriting for Musical Theater (3 credits)

Second Semester (Spring)

  • CMAT-610: Innovation and Creativity in Artistic Endeavors (3 credits; core class)

  • CMAT-611: Musical Theater Workshop (3 credits)

  • CMAT-620: Arranging and Demo Recording for Musical Theater (3 credits)

  • CMAT-621: Book Writing for Musical Theater (3 credits)

Third Semester (Summer)

  • CMAT-695: Culminating Experience Seminar (6 credits; core class)

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