Giving Matters: Thank You, Berklee Fund Donors

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the donors who made gifts to the Berklee Fund and Student Emergency Fund during fiscal year 2019 (June 1, 2018, through May 31, 2019).

The Berklee Fund supports the greatest needs at the College, including student scholarships and career preparation for our students, and the Student Emergency Fund provides much-needed support to College and Conservatory students who are experiencing unexpected emergencies. 

If you would like to join our community of supporters, make a gift online or call the Office of Annual Giving at 617-747-2236. Thank you!

President’s Circle


Amy and David Abrams
Kevin and Kathleen Beatty
Elizabeth Boland and Michael Faucher
Jeffrey and Dana Davis
Gururaj and Jaishree Deshpande
Deborah and Philip Edmundson
Michael and Barbara Eisenson
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Russell and Elizabeth Frees
David and Christine Gross-Loh
Christopher Guest and Jamie Lee Curtis
Kristine and Bob Higgins
Robert F. Higgins Foundation
Steven and Janet Kouroubacalis
Paul and Julie Leff
Martin and Tristin Mannion
Jane Mendillo and Ralph Earle
Bob and Mimi Murley
Spero Foundation
Syzygy Foundation, Inc
Barry and Jan Zubrow



Anonymous (2)
The Bickell Family
James and Lois Champy
Michael Cohen ’76 and Beth Taylor
Stephanie and James Cornell
John ’79 and Susan Doelp
James and Audrey Foster
Diane Arnold and Dean Goodermote
David R. and Elsa D. Hornfischer
Philip Kent
Jim and Betsy Westra
Susan Whitehead
Linda Wisnewski



Alexander Andreev and Maria Andreeva
Joe and Jill Bennett
Kevin and Deborah Block-Schwenk
Jonathan Bush
Scott and Alexandra Clifford
Melinda Cloobeck and Richard Cloobeck
Lawrence D'Addario
Dario Dainelli and Silvia Gasperini
The Ellis Foundation Inc.
Matthew Epstein and Deborah Hiatt
Larry and Atsuko Fish
Mark Furst ’85 and Jane Purtill
GE Foundation
David Gregory
Florida Huff
Jay Kennedy
Ted and Ann Kurland
James and Cindy Kuster
Frederic and Lori Leif
James and Jane Levitt
James N. and Jane B. Levitt Charitable Fund
Michael Lui and Michelle Pau
David ’79 and Sally Patrick
Steven Riggs ’03
Thomas ’78 and Kathleen Riley
Lawrence and Ann Simpson
Troper Wojcicki Foundation
Anthony ’78 and Christine Veltri
Tzong-Jhy and Juli Wang
Michael Zack ’75 and Sherry Umberfield



Anonymous (2)
Ekaterina Afanaseva and Vadim Afanasiev
Ezequiel Alara ’94
Americana Arts Foundation
Orman and Phyllis Anderson
Barnes & Noble College Booksellers, Inc.
Martin and Beata Beck
Holland Bender
Stephen and Adele Boras
Damien and Pamela Bracken
Michael Bresnahan and Maria Lopez-Bresnahan
Jean Lynch Burden ’85 and Ordway Burden
Florence V. Burden Foundation
Paul & Debra Butler
Edmund and Betsy Cabot Charitable Foundation
Charles Cairns and Monica Kraft
Jason Camelio ’98 and Illena Armstrong
Paul Carlson ’84
John and Kristin Chapski
Christopher and Natasha Chihlas
John and Rosemary Cochran
Jeanine Cowen ’96
Bob and Katherine Cunha
Annette and Dean Cycon
The Dammann Fund, Inc.
Timothy Diggins
Ronald and Julie Druker
Miles Fish
Richard and Geanie Galinson
Joseph & Rae Gann Charitable Foundation
Rita and Herbert Gann
Bernardo and Catalina Garza
Nicholas and Lana Gleckman
John Gottsch and Julia Haller Gottsch
Teresa and Andrew Gunther
Oystein and Tracy Harsvik
Peggy Henry
Bernado Hernandez ’84
Mac Hisey and Linda Vice-Hisey
Charles and Victoria Hodges
Sam and Carmen Kabbani
William and Kelly Kaiser
Edwin and Ann Kania
Ann Kelly
Daniel Kramer ’87
Alan Lam and Wendy Yeung
Thomas H. Lee Partners
Carlos and Julie Leon
Cindy Albert Link and Larry Link
Feng Lu
Jan Machnik and Susan Greco
Michael and Kerry Magee
Steven and Renee Margossian
William and Margaret Morton
Louis and Carmen Nanni
Polygel LLC
Stephen ’92 and Julie Revilak
James Ryder and Joanne Jung
Eunju and John Ryu
The San Francisco Foundation
Sandra and Michael Schulman
Anthony and Francesca Siracusa
Katherine and David Scott Sloan
Alan and Susan Solomont
Alan D. & Susan Lewis Solomont Family Foundation
Vanessa Stathis
Andrea and Garth Stein
Elizabeth Thomas ’10
Dan ’94 and Elizabeth Thompson
Peter Tomasello ’81
Bob Trach
Atul and Jodie Vashistha
William and Jean Whitney
J. Wilkie and K. Quick
Robert Works
Carl and Margaret Zwisler



Theodore Armstrong ’89
Carl Beatty and Jacqueline Reid Beatty
Diana Blatz
Jeremy and Ruth Burton
Michael Burton
Allen Bush '89
Cristian Chandia and Carolina Almeida
Wensheng Chao
Steven and Donna Cohen
Lori and Peter Comeau
Damian and Pamela Conrad
Joseph Corkery and Margaret Lukens
Brian and Julie Daniels
Gavin Davies and Elsie Muniz-Davies
Daniel Diamond ’82
Samuel and Robin Edelston
William and Nina Falconer
Kenneth Fine
The Finer Family
Robert Flegel
Tiffany and Frank Foster
Bryant Fuhrmann ’10 and Christen Keogh ’13
David and Guadalupe Garcia
Matthias Gohl ’81
Kenneth Gottschlich ’81 and Martha Pollack
Elizabeth Green
Brad Hatfield ’75 and Gaye Tolan Hatfield ’82
Rob Hayes and Gretchen Adams
Carolina Izsak-Echaniz and Hector Echaniz
Stan Jones
Greg and Carol Karas
Gary and Leslie Kim
Alex Lacamoire ’95
Sonya Lanier ’93
Mei Yee Lee and Michael Cheung
Song Liu and Wei Cao
Barry Lowman and Yolanda Dennis-Lowman
Albert Lyons and Margaret Brandt
Robert Maloney ’10 and Joyce Chestnut-Maloney
John and Catherine Milos
Dennis Montgomery ’88
Tracey and Jeff Morrell
Craig and Debra Norsten
Marek Nowakowski
Christopher and Angela Paradysz
Ted '66 and Lucy Pease
Gerald Pier and Susan Bennett
Nina Piken ’75
Simone Pilon
Mark Raggio
Francis ’79 and Kathleen Rogers
Anthony and Monique Rossi
Astrid and Cristian Sabellarosa
Joe Santerre ’82
Gary Scott
William and Blakeley Smith
John Stern and Susan Anderes
Pel and Kim Stockwell
Carol Swig
Alfred and Dawn Tinger
Scott Trach ’91
Susan ’91 and Derek Trucks
Beverly Tryon '82
Dana and Mark Tully
Fred and Sarah Turpin
Tim Ufkes and Julie Santos
Adam Wake ’92
Miles Walker ’03
Scott and Christy Wallace
Susan Walters
Ningjian Wang
We Are the Hits Llc
Carol Weigert
Dave Weigert ’76
Lakisha Williams
Pamela Willingham
Charles Xue and Penny Chen
Charles and Theresa Yeo
Jie Yu
Geoffrey Zanelli ’96 and Jennifer Jardine ’96



Anonymous (8)
Rajib and Amrita Adhikary
Joy Allen
Wendy Ammirato
Patrick Andersen and Maria Cannarella
Kevin Anderson
Carolina Avaria
Kevin Baxley
James ’89 and Carol Beers
Joan and Steve Belkin
Antony ’88 and Katherine Berkeley
David ’80 and Ruth Berliner
Nicole Blowe
James ’94 and Elizabeth Bray
Steven Brock and Leah Sirkin
Michael Brown and Susan Bockus
Jeffrey ’78 and Teresa Bryant
Robert ’07 and Leah Byrnes
John ’00 and Violeta Campbell
Steven and Michelle Carbonneau
Joseph ’83 and Sharon Carrier
Daniel and Deborah Carter
Ken Cervenka ’86 and Rhonda Postrel
John Luther '00 and Dr. Johvonne Claybourne
Gary and Kathy Cohen
St. John Courtenay ’77
John ’67 and Linda Curzio
William D'Agostino ’89
Timothy and Lisa Davis
John Dehoff ’76
Eleanora and Robert Devenish
Tom Dinwoodie and Diana Meservey
Camilo Dornier '81
Carl and Karen Druker
Antonio Espinosa ’16
Ronald Falcon ’05
Jeffrey and Samantha Ferguson
For Kids Only Afterschool Inc
Daniel and Ashley Formento
Christopher Fox and Olivia Fischer Fox
Eduardo and Maura Francisco
Alexandre and Zelia Frangioni
Cindy Fujii
Stefan ’88 and Tallie Gaspar
Michael and Tami Gaumer
Gina Gee
Timothy H. Gillis
Don Gorder
Elizabeth Gould
William and Grace Gregor
Jessica Halton
Paul and Anne Harder
John ’69 and Judith Hardin
Stefanie and Ted Henning
Christopher Henry
Bryan Hill
Rob Hochschild
Hope Foundation
Chenduen Hwang and Shanpin Fanchiang
Gregory ’98 and Bronwyn Jamrok
Lori Johnson
Jeffrey Jones ’80
Maria Judge
Jon and Francie Karlen
Fatima and Kenneth Kaser
Sasja Keijmel
Kurt Keown ’74
Pilar Keyes
Steven Kirby ’83
Mark Kristy
Adam Kummins ’94
Eric and Rebecca Lambeth
John and Caren Larson
Deborah ’90 and Derek Lauer ’89
David and Lisa Lazan
Edward Liberatore ’98
Philip Lima
Linda and Thomas Lincoln
Mary and John Linscott
Alizon Lissance ’79
Frederick Malouf ’79 and Charlotte Villemoes
Michael and Pamela Marcovitz
Michael Mason
Andrew and Jana Massey
Ronald and Starr Maxwell
Christine McDonald
Alexander McLane ’78
Carl Michel ’79 and Jackie Byars
Coleen and Darren Morehead
Cheryl Morell
Margaret and Craig Morrell
Shinobu Nakamura ’94
Steven and Marie Nakata
Robert and Sally Nicholson
Jim Odgren ’75
Tiger ’75 and Akemi Okoshi
Roger Olson and Melissa Mathis
Paul and Rebecca Ordinario
Eric and Kathleen Orlin
Cedric and Lisa Overton
James and Jeanne Pankow
Danielle Parillo ’97
Jeffrey and Eloise Patterson
Jeffrey and Surekha Perlman
Walter Peterson
Stuart and Lynda Phillips
Adam and Carol Pollak
Joel Potts
David Purcell ’91
Mark Rabenold ’77
Ron Reid ’89
Alan Reinstein and Cheryl Sherwin
John Rich ’79 and Kathleen Schnaidt
Eric ’87 and Amy Richardson
Lela Richardson
Niels and Tuula Ryde
Palsamy and Kasthuri Sakthikumar
Prasad and Geetha Sanjeevaiah
Stuart Scantlebury and Lecia Turcotte
David Schonberger
Thomas Schunn ’85
Edward and Lisa Schwartz
Keith Short
Ronald and Gail Shoss
Curt Shumate ’83 and Gail Buki
Krystal Sim and Soo Won
Cindy Simon
Denise and Ed Smith
Janice Spampinato
David and Lisa Spaulding
Gary Sproul ’85 and Mary Parnow
Daniel Sugarman and Dorothy Wetzel
Laura and John Tillman
Glenn Ullmann
Andrew Viles and Maura Sullivan
Amy and Irwin Weiss
Wells Fargo Foundation
Judith Wesling
Bob Winter '52
Lisa Wong
Matthew Wong ’18
Quan Yao Lim ’16
Bonifacio and Maria Julieta Yuhico



Anonymous (5)
Ginger and Michael Acopiado
Debi Adams
Jeffrey and Paulette Adams
Raymond ’71 and Jackie Akin
Sheri ’18 and Miles Alexander
Richard Allen '74
Jonathan Altman ’05 and Rachel Ellenport
Eileen Alviti
Peter Ambler
John ’82 and Laura Anderson
Ryan Anderson
Michael Appel
Melissa Apperson
Rich ’72 and Jane Appleman
Javier Arizmendi and Odile Leland-Arizmendi
Alexander Arntzen ’13
David and Nancy Arntzen
Charles Aucott ’91
Audio Paint
Sam and Lynn Auringer
James Austin ’77
Sarah Axel
William Aycock ’90
John ’77 and Lisa Baboian
Chul and Sun Bae
Eric Bailey
Ernesto Balarezo and Maria Vidal
James Ballard
Ronald Barbier and Sheri Promes-Barbier
Aileen Barkon
Patrick Barnett and Barbara Greco
Natacha Bastian and Douglas Chirinos
Monika Bauman
Leslie Beachwood
Robert Bean ’86
Desmond Beazley and Miriam Hartman
Jim Beckwith ’78
Randy Bell ’76
Ellen Beller
Miles Benson
Wilson Bent ’80 and Susan Richter
Mark ’78 and Murit Berman
Lee ’70 and Helen Bernardo
Mark and Linda Bernfeld
Lawrence ’71 and Cynthia Bethune
Jennifer Bewerse
Cherie and Jeff Bock
Lou Ann Bode
David Bondelevitch ’85
Jan Bordeleau ’77
Bryan and Marianne Borders
Bernard and Kathy Borgida
Daniel Bosshardt ’93 and Kelsey Cleveland
Boston Higashi School
Latchezar Boyadjiev and Bertina Mitchell
James Boyer ’88
Richard and Linda Brocato
Joseph ’75 and Ruth Brogan
Patricia Bromberger
Russell Brough ’78
Allen ’79 and Lizabeth Brown
Sharon and Bernard Brown
Steven Brown and Junghi Lee
Chris and Carrie Burger
Cheryl Burian-Baldwin
David and Rina Burns
Michael ’72 and Debra Caffi
Dolores Carlaftes
Charles ’88 and Deborah Carter
Denita Carter
Paola and Aroldo Carvalho
Brian Casper ’96
Jose Castano Navarro ’05
Deborah Cavalier ’87
Anne Celedonia ’13
Robert Chambers
Chi-Hsin Chang
Greg and Katie Chant
Mark and Ruth Chapin
Joe ’02 and Lindsey Chinni
Brian Choi
Andria and Thomas Clancy
Shawn and Meridith Coady
Charles Cocchiaro ’81
Alla Cohen
Ira Coleman
Nicole Coleman ’05
Glen and Nancy Colodny
Barbara and Ray Connaughton
Jean Connaughton and Dee Kumar ’99
Jack and Beth Cook
Jennifer Coon
Roberto and Marita Cortes
Elizabeth Crabtree ’86
Thomas ’86 and Kim Crapanzano
Howard and Alison Cronson
Jonathan Cullen ’89
William Cumella ’15
Nicole D'Avis and Mark Anderson
Robert Daniels ’71
Mark Dannells ’89
Eric and Joan Darnsteadt
Mike and Loretta Davies
James Davis
James Davis and Katherine Selby
Charles DeClarke '79
Deanna DeFilipps ’89
David Degrand ’75 and Brenda McHugh
David ’80 and Eve Deitch
Paul Del Nero ’76
Jonathan Demers ’15
Lee Denton-Smith ’06 and Michael Denton
Patricia and Dennis DeSantis
Gerard ’89 and Susan Diamond
Stephen Dick ’79
Bruce and Dianne Difrancisco
Sal ’93 and Jennifer Difusco
Frank ’73 and Kathleen Digesere
James Dlabal ’95
Diana Dohrmann
Scott Donohue
Kelly Downes
Russell Drago ’86
Michael ’77 and Jana Druxman
Sara Dworken and Seth Braunstein
Dean Eaton
Brian ’85 and Nancy Eckert
Chris and Catherine Ellis
Robert ’80 and Deborah Ellis
Tracey Ellis-Guss and Tuvy Guss
Albert Ellsmore and Lisa Jameson
Linda Embardo
Elizabeth and Stephen Emmett-Mattox
Marti Epstein
Andrew Eschtruth and Elana Varon
Peter and Teresa Esquivel
Matt and Greta Estes
Mitch Farber ’90
Seth Farber and Elizabeth Queler
John and Elizabeth Faria
Christopher Fassbender ’88
Jonathan Feist and Flock
Joaquin Fernandez ’01
Rafael Fernandez and Laura Durango
Dominick Ferrara
Kevin Ferris
John and Susan Fiala
Marissa Finer
Richard and Jane Fischer
Howard and Stacey Fishman
Zonia Flores
Raymie and Shauna Fogal
Donald Foote ’82 and Elyse Wilson Foote ’82
Scott and Edie Fortman
Forrest Foster
Katharine Elizabeth Fountain ’19
Mike and Lynnette Frank
Lazelle and Danika Free
Arnold Friedman
Barry Friedman and Janet Schenker Friedman
Craig and Wendy Friedman
Howard Friedman
Xiang Fu
Albhy ’68 and Melanie Galuten
Hermin Gardens ’85
Laszlo Gardony ’87 and Edith Toth
Anne-Marie Gates
Erin Gershik ’06
Lori and Tim Gershon
Bruce Gertz ’76
Jeanine and Mark Gibson
James Gillespie ’62
Stephen ’77 and Mary Gilligan
Andrew and Lynnette Glavanovits
Eileen and John Glover
Barbara Gold
Maria Goldberg
Kamran Golestaneh ’11
Antonio and Anna Gomez
Nelson ’77 and Kris Gonzalez
Greg Gordon
Ian and Natalie Gotts
Atalanta Goulandris and Stephane Gripari
William Grainge
Michael Graziano ’80 and Ulrica Hume
Angela Hahn
Mark Hall ’79
Steven ’70 and Kathleen Hall
David ’91 and Barbara Handrick
Mark ’85 and Jill Hansen
Kathleen Hanson
Steven and Linda Harelick
Julian Harris ’16
Robert and Molly Haslam
Mary Ellen Hassell
Michael Hassell ’73
Michel Hawk-Goldman and Phil Goldman
Wendy Hawkinson ’80
Ian Hayes ’83
William and Susan Hazelton
Eric Head and Karyn Davis
Steve Heck '78
Michael and Randi Heimert
Jeannette and Michael Hensinger
John Hentschel and Susan Broehm
Kimberly Heron
Deborah Hildebrandt
Charles and Cynthia Hirschhorn
Paul Hoffman
Tamara Hoffman
Bruce Howard
Patrick Hoye ’77
Sheng-Fang Huang ’99
Peter Huber
Karalyn Huey
Mary and William Hughes
Timothy Huling ’98
Lauri Hutchis
Glenn Ianaro ’01
Julie Iaria ’83
Cameron Imrie
Wayne and Shannon Inouye
Vasily Izumchensky ’07
Ralph Jaccodine
Helen Jackson
Howell Jackson and Elizabeth Foote
Richard Jackson
Ira and Sonda Jaffe
Anand Jagannath and Wendy Schaenen
Arlene Jamar
Dana James ’09
Rita ’78 and Gerard Jellison
Sangjin Jeong and Taejung Kim
Jeffery ’88 and Anne Jetton
John Hancock Financial Services Inc.
Bradley Johnson ’81
Dean Johnson ’76
James Johnson ’83
Delburt ’71 and Patricia Joiner
Christopher Jones
Kathleen Jones
Michael ’89 and Christine Jones
Renee Jones ’05
Ryan Jones ’05
Kari Juusela ’77
Gerald and Bonnie Kalaf
David Kalat and Julie Stapel
Timothy and Suzanne Kassen
Jack and Lynn Katilius
Jeffrey and Jeanne Katz
Kathryn Keefe
Dan Keldsen '92
Aleta Kennedy
Jennifer and Stephen Kerr
Stephen and Suzanne Kile
Lorraine Kilmartin
Seamus Kilmartin ’11
Young-Gon Kim ’06
Jeffrey King ’79
Michelle and David King
Renese King ’90
Howard ’84 and Gail Klein
Frederick Koch and Anne Salzberg
Deborah and Jonathan Kolb
Howard and Carol Kolins
Lydia Villa Komaroff and Tony Komaroff
Matthew and Beth Koomey
Robert and Suzanne Koscso
Timothy Kreider ’85
Fritz and Whitney Kuhnlenz
Roman and Luba Kujdych
John and Maureen Kullberg
Erik Kutzler ’97
Gerald ’75 and Casey LaRosa
Ronald Lacro
Lori Landay
Russell and Mary Landi
Melvin J. Deveau, Jr.
Luciana Lanza-Roark and Brian Roark
Victoria Large
I.J. and Mary LaRosa Memorial Foundation Inc
Elizabeth and Kevin Laughery
John and Pamela Layton
Gabriel Lee and Monica Rivera
Thomas Lee ’62
Gary Lefkowith
Scott ’90 and Olga Lerner
Ali and Adrienne LeRoi
Debra Levin
Arthur Levine ’78 and Rosalind Sloan
Jonathan and Marjorie Levin
Marc Levy and Valerie Strauss
Skye ’02 and Marisa Lewin
Mark and Marci Lilly
BoonChoon Lim and PuayKheng Tang
Gary Lockheimer ’68 and Juanita Boutin
Mark Longfield ’04
Zachary Lucia ’14
Daniel ’14 and Lynette Luevano
Matthias Lupri ’94 and Catharine Horn
Joe Lynn
Gary and Terry MacDonald
Timothy and Nancy MacFall
Teri Madsen ’89
William Main
Matthew Mangano ’04
Rebecca and Robert Mankus
Steve Maples ’87
Carol Marburger
Gerard Marsh
Duncan Martin ’69
Mark and Patricia Martino
Margaret McAllister ’86
Oisin McAuley
Travis McCally ’93
Erin McClelland ’02
Mary McClory
Dena McCoy
William McGoldrick ’78 and Susan Hehir
James McGorman ’95 and Kate Maxwell
Brian McGuinness
Norman and Lucinda McHolme
Emily McInerney
Kevin and Heidi McKenna
Clare McLeod ’04
Carol Ann Meier
Elena Melamud
Ali ’06 and Heather Memarian
Michael Mercolino ’90
Ralph and Elizabeth Metcalf
Frederick Miller and Kathryn Cade
Aaron and Tasha Mixon
Mathari Molepo
Hunter ’77 and Bonnie Moore
Thomas and Kathleen Morrison
Cynthia and Lawrence Motz
Robert ’75 and Debbie Mounsey
Mark ’81 and Rosemarie Murdocca
John Murphree ’04
Jennifer Murphy
Yoshizumi Nagamachi ’91
Zak and Christina Nakhoda
Peter ’80 and Nuria Navarro
Derek ’94 and Lisa Navracruz
Jeffrey Needelman ’89
Andy and Mischelle Nelson
Teresa Neudecker
David Newman ’75
Matthew and Susan Nicholl
Joseph and Tonya Nienhaus
Benjamin Novak ’01
Timothy Nunnink ’02
Heather O'Brien
Paul Obst ’81
Larry and Susan Organ
Tatsuya Osaki ’89
David Painchaud ’88 and Randi Adelstein
Philip Palombo ’70
Albert and Anne Paolano
Peter and Mary Paravalos
Roy Pearson
Joe and Linda Pesce
David Peters ’83
Brian and Roseanne Peterson
Eddie Phoon ’94
Frank ’82 and Wendy Piazza
James Pistorio ’87
Dennis ’78 and Rebecca Pita
Alison Plante
Larry and Phyllis Polevoy
Lisa and Esther Pomeleo-Fowler
Steve and Cathi Porter
Lawrence Powers ’87
Elaina Prevett ’91
Charles and Inger-Marie Pu
Joseph ’69 and Micki Puopolo
Asad Rahman ’06
Bonnie Raitt
Or Rav-Hon ’02 and Erica Weis ’00
Roger Ray
Dana Reed ’77 and Katherine Stetson-Reed
Douglas Reicher and Camille Tisdel
Ray Rettig ’75 and Christine Galvin
Ed and Peggy Reyes
David Riccobono ’97
Denise Rich
Kyle ’91 and Tara Richards
Mike Ringquist ’87
Dale and Rita Ritter
Dale Roadcap ’81
Mark and Christine Robbins
Brandon Roberts ’91
David and Jacqueline Roccio
Kenneth and Cynthia Rodman
Samuel and Morgen Rose
Scott ’84 and Patricia Rose
Cecilia Rosler
Neara Russell ’10
Jeffrey and Suzanne Ryan
Isaac Safdeye ’10
Carly Saitelbach ’17
Jose and Liliana Sanchez
Meca Sauls
Robert ’76 and Katherine Sbriglio
Michiel and Relinde Schepers
Karyn Scher
Casey ’74 and Laura Scheuerell
Lynda Schiff ’77
Lisa Schmidtetter
Lynda Schubert
Justin Schwenk ’12
Brian Sciera
Georgia Sedlack ’16
Stefan Serkin ’12
Renee and John Serrano
Jamshied Sharifi ’85 and Miyuki Sakamoto-Sharifi ’92
Christopher Sharkey ’90
Joel ’75 and Karen Shaw
Maureen and Matthew Shelton
David ’67 and Lisa Sherr
Lawrence Shragge ’77
Jeffrey Sidwell
Brett ’89 and Francie Siegfried
Richard Silva ’88
Nelson and Heather Silver
Eric and Susan Silvergold
Marilyn Silverstein
Venie Simon and Beverly Andrew
Mark Simos
James Simpkins ’71
Elizabeth Slate
Benjamin Smeall ’82 and Gratzia Villarroel
Andrew and Stephanie Smith
Benson Smith
Peter Smith ’02
Steven Smith ’76
Steven Soderstrom ’95
Carmen Soriano
John Sousa ’81
Levent Soydaner ’07
Lauren Spooner ’99
Kathryn and Harley Stack
Mark and Susan Stephenson
Kenneth ’74 and Beth Stern
Thomas and Kristi Stevens
James ’81 and Mary Stewart
Kristine Stewart
Howard ’84 and Donna Stolzer
Robert Strate
Mark Streifer
Leanne Summers ’88 and Don Bogle
Michael ’90 and Robin Sweet
Stephen Tackett ’88
Charles ’78 and Virginia Tashjian
Ann Teixeira
Bruce Tellier ’76
Christine Tengs ’83 and Bob Fowler
Michael Theochares ’83
Paul Thistle
Saburnia Thistle
Barbara Thomas
Evelyn Thomchick
Terrance Thompson ’78
David and Sherry Thorpe
Aaron Thurston ’97
Cheryl Tiano ’81
Robert Tiernan ’82
Oliver Ting and Jackie Yeo
Tony Tobia
David Tobin ’75
Susan Tofias
James and Erin Treadwell
Justin Trout ’08
Sandra Tsujimoto
Adam Turner and Irene Ingalls
USA Songwriting Competition
Thompson Usiyan ’12
Charles Vassallo ’86 and Gifford Booth
Rodolfo Vera and Victoria Castro
Tyla Vercollone ’06
Stephen Vermillion and Melisa Holmes
Rich Vigdor
Danielle Vitullo-Dejordy
George ’72 and Anne Vivino-Hintze
Gail ’81 and David Vorsas
Carl ’92 and Jennifer Wallace
Joseph and Evelyn Wan
Karen Wang
Shawna Warner
David and Bonnie Webster
Annamaria Wenner
Paul and Joanne Wennik
Jon West ’74
Judith Wheat
Katharine White
Namita and Scott Wiggers
Richard and Priscilla Wilcox
Vaughn and Debra Willett
Willie and Georgette Williams
Darcy Winer ’00 and Car Galhouse
Gernot Wolfgang ’89 and Judith Farmer
Herbert ’57 and Audrey Wyman
Jun Xia and Yun Zhao
Judith Yanchus
Anthony and Janet Yeracaris
Thomas Young ’91 and Yumiko Matsuoka ’89
Hyun Ju Yun ’16
Frances and Tom Zakrajsek
Michael and Stacy Zercher

Henry Ziegler


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