Alumni Giving

Alumni support is a game-changer for students.

Nobody knows Berklee better than you. You understand the opportunities, challenges, and needs that Berklee students face as they pursue careers in music and the performing arts. That's why your support each year is so important!

Supporting the Berklee Fund is the easiest and most direct way for you to support current students. Here's why:

You can give to the area you care about most.

Los Angeles Alumni Brunch 2017. Photo by Perpixel Photography.

The best part of giving to the Berklee Fund is you get to choose where your gift goes.

Maybe you received a scholarship and you want to pay it forward? Or, you want to show some love to your major? Whatever the designation and whatever the reason, your generosity will benefit all students.

Every gift, of every size, matters.

The number of alumni who give back is just as important as the funds raised.

Our alumni giving percentage is a powerful indicator of our alumni community's belief in the college, our students, and our vision for the future. The more alumni who make a gift—of any amount—the more others take notice, including foundations and major donors.

(And, of course, gifts of all sizes add up to make a big difference!)

Giving every year matters.

A lot happens in a day at Berklee, let alone a year.

Annual gifts are put to use the very same year they're made, but the important work of helping young artists realize their potential is never complete. Consistent, yearly giving is what ensures we have the resources and flexibility needed to provide the best experience to our students each and every day.

Join your fellow alumni and make your gift today.

Already a donor? Tell us what giving back means to you.