How to Bolster Your Digital Business for Today's Reality (Virtual Workshop)

Event Dates
Wednesday / May 6, 2020 / 3:00 pm
Virtual Event
See description for how to participate virtually.

Join Alumni Affairs for a comprehensive workshop to support alumni on how to navigate this highly disruptive time amid the COVID-19 outbreak and promote your music and businesses.

Note: This event will be run as a Zoom webinar. Participants must register via the Eventbrite link below, after which an email confirmation will be sent from Eventbrite with connection details.

As everyone shifts how they connect, work, and purchase, so does how we promote our offerings to stay top-of-mind with fans. It is important that we not only change how we market and advertise our music and businesses, but how we support our audience through this very difficult time. This course is designed for those who already have an estabished digital business and an understanding of digital marketing concepts.

This workshop, led by Anne Marie Chadima of Muza Marketing, will inform you on how to align your marketing with changing media trends, meet your customers' demands, and make a plan for when the market returns to normal. What you do now for your audience in this very trying time will not only help you survive as a business but will be crucial to retaining fans and customers in the long run.

Participants will learn:

  • How to be two steps ahead by studying how other markets navigated this time successfully
  • How to apply simple marketing changes to advertise their offerings effectively
  • Why it is important to make a COVID-19 plan and exit plan for when things normalize
  • How to deliver on fans' needs now to secure customer loyalty in the future