Demystifying Data Analytics (Virtual Workshop)

Event Dates
Wednesday / May 20, 2020 / 9:00 pm
Virtual Event
See description for how to participate virtually.

As music lovers increasingly tweet, post, and upload content to the web, the power of data analytics grows daily. Learn different aspects and the importance of this skill to better understand its significance.

Note: This event will be run as a Zoom webinar. Participants must register through Eventbrite (see link below). An email confirmation will be sent from Eventbrite with connection details.

Gone are the days of hoping your record will chart; we now have access to loads of new and free demographic and psychographic information online. But to obtain and properly unlock this data, you must have a baseline knowledge of data analytics.

Upon course completion, attendees will leave with self-built templates they can immediately start using.

Participants will:

  • See data analytics through a different lens
  • Understand the various ways the industry is using data analytics
  • Learn how to create key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Observe real-world project examples when data analytics was used to make key decisions
  • Learn about various digital tools that can assist with data analytics
  • Create their own data analytics templates for use on their next (or current) projects