Devised Theater Workshop

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This course prepares participants for the challenging task of devising their own theater experiences. Students will achieve competence in generating original performance work and an ethos. Participants will enhance their physical, emotional, imaginative, and cognitive playfulness in order to be well-equipped for the demanding journey of articulating, shaping, and presenting their artistic visions. 

From both a historical perspective and a contemporary interrogation, students will develop a better understanding of the physical body they have, the subtle body they are, and the collective body they all have in common as a means to develop from a place of intuition, impulse, and honesty. The exploration of the dynamic relationships between these different bodies and the historical and contemporary research will provoke the physical and emotional imagination, creative intuition, and personal playfulness, initiating awareness and inspiration. Awareness of their lineage and current landscape lies at the very center of the this course and accessing it is essential for the creation of new performance languages, practices, and experiences. 

This course focuses on a contemporary approach to different theatrical landscapes and performance styles. All of the languages students explore are very physical, and demand from participants the ability to negotiate highly transposed levels of play. The aim is to increase their physical, poetical, and intellectual understanding of the underlying structures within very different theatrical practices. This exploration will not only allow participants to develop a better insight into what kind of theater and performance they might feel really passionate about, but also the ability to go beyond already existing forms in order to create their own work. Regular movement, improvisation, and devising sessions will form the core of each week, with excursions and theoretical reflections on practitioners in the field deepening the artistic journey.

None (CMMT graduate students); written approval of course chair (CMLE graduate students)
Required Of
Electable By
CMMT and CMLE graduate students
Semesters Offered
New York City
Course Chair
Julianne Wick Davis
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