Integrated Songwriting Techniques

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Students enrolled in this course will explore and develop their artistic voice while learning a comprehensive approach utilizing advanced song craft (ASC) tools in intention– and free association–based contemporary songwriting. With practice and application of ASC tools, writers gain core competency to write songs of exceptional lyrical and melodic focus, power, and clarity. Using a project-based format, students will hone their understanding of song concept development, lyricism, prosody, melody, and harmony while collaborating with students from CMAT-500, Electronic Production for Songwriters. Students will maintain high standards in subject selection for songs, rewriting, form analysis, and development as a route to fully realize their artistic vision by maximizing the emotional impact of songs on listeners through the seamless marriage of song creation and contemporary production techniques. This course also explores the integration of ASC strategies into dynamic creative interactions with fellow writers.

Required Of
CMSP graduate students
Electable By
CMSP graduate students
Semesters Offered
New York City
Course Chair
Will Wells
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