Joseph Branciforte

Class of
Recording Engineer

Joseph Branciforte is a recording engineer (studio and live/location recording), mixing and mastering engineer, artist (The Cellar and Point, solo), composer, electronic musician, music tech writer, and interactive music software developer.

Credits: See Joe Branciforte's credits on AllMusic.

Base: New York City, NY

Instruments: Drums, Fender Rhodes, Modular Synthesizer, Electronics

“Part of the nature of trying to have a career in New York is being open to doing a lot of things. There are a lot of people who want to make a life in music in New York and I think the only way to survive is to be willing to invent a role for yourself. There are not these pre-made jobs or pre-made paths here. That’s both the exciting thing and the tricky thing about New York. A lot of my gigs came about just by showing up and offering to help people. I love what I do so I just try to wake up and pursue the things that I care about. That’s definitely something I got from Berklee—just living music. It’s not something you just ‘kind of’ do, and it’s not something that you have to try to do. It just comes out of you because you love it.”

Watch Branciforte perform one of his compositions with the Cellar and Point: