Program Review and Curriculum Changes

As part of Berklee’s ongoing efforts to ensure its curriculum remains innovative and engaging, all academic programs conduct regular reviews. This includes all programs of study—master’s programs; undergraduate majors and minors; core music classes, and liberal arts requirements. These programs conduct a thorough evaluation of program design, including description, learning outcomes and assessments, as well as course offerings. Programs undergo a full review every three years. Please read the full instructions on program review.  To view previous program review reports, please visit the Institutional Research and Assessment website.

The goals of program review are:

  • To clarify the intended learning outcomes for the program as a whole, whether it be a major (e.g. film scoring, music education) or a sequence of required classes (e.g. Writing and Composition, Literature, Ear Training 1-4).
  • To ensure that the assessment of student learning is stated as clearly and concretely as possible, explaining what students should know and be able to do by the time they complete the program.
  • To ensure that the assessment of student learning is aligned with the program or course outcomes.
  • To evaluate the individual courses that comprise the program, ensuring that they support the program’s learning outcomes as well as the assessment of student learning.
  • To ensure that the Berklee program reflects current best practices as well as an awareness of important developments in the field.
  • To ensure that the program meets broader institutional goals, and is aligned with the institutional mission, core competencies, and commitment to diversity. has become the official source for all program and course information. Any additions, changes, or updates should be submitted via These requests will be managed by Academic Affairs. They will move the request through an approval chain before updating both Colleague and with the requested change.

Program Review Timeline:

  • November CCC meetings: Review of Program Review groups for the year.
  • April 1: Graduate programs
    • Program directors complete the online program review forms, have their division dean sign off, and submit to the dean, institutional assessment and graduate studies, who reviews and shares with the vice president for curriculum and program information. 
  • April 1: Undergraduate programs
  • April and May:  Undergraduate program adds/changes reviewed in committee.
    • Chairs present program and course revisions through the college curriculum committee.
  • April 1: Graduate programs
    • Program directors present program and course revisions through graduate studies committee.
  • June 1: All program information updated on

Note re: new programs:

  • New programs undergo a fast-track review, with data from the first year, to assess progress and make adjustments to improve student learning.
  • After completion of the fast-track review, new programs are incorporated into the 3-year review cycle.

Routine Course Changes Timeline:

  • Undergraduate:
    • November 1: Undergraduate changes due (complete and dean-approved) for implementation the following summer or fall semester.
    • April 1: Undergraduate changes due (complete and dean-approved) for implementation the following spring semester.
  • Graduate:
    • April 1: All graduate course changes due (complete and dean-approved) for implementation the following fall, spring, or summer semester.

If you have questions about any of these deadlines or processes, please contact Sophie Innerfield, director of curriculum management.